Production path name convention


Production path for real data

Production path for real data inherites some parts from raw data pathes and has edditional information related to trigger set, magnatic field and production series. Conventional name is:

and added ../run_number subdirectory for year 2006 and next years.

Trirger set name is defined by trigger group in the online data taken.

Examples of real data production path:

  • /home/starreco/reco/cuProductionMinBias/ReversedFullField/P05id/2005/060
  • /home/starreco/reco/2007ProductionMinBias/FullField/P08ic/2007/104/8104044

-cuProductionMinBias and 2007ProductionMinBias are the names of trigger sets, description could be found on the pages:

trigger set for run year 2005
tigger set for run year 2007
-P05id and P08ic - reconstruction production series
-060 and 104 - days of data taken
-8104044 - run number


Production path for simulation data

Name of path for MC data should contain fundamental definition of parameters set used for simulation and be standardized for automated cataloging.
MC path includes 7 subdirectories, each of them definds certain parameters and simulation options:


Examples of MC data path:

  • /home/starreco/reco/auau200/hijing_1.382/b0_3/fullfield/year2004/gheisha_on/p05ie
  • /home/starreco/reco/auau200/hijing_1.382/b0_20/halffield/year2004/gcalor_on/p05ie
  • /home/starreco/reco/pp200/pythia_6.205/default/fullfield/year2004/gheisha_on/p05ie
  • /home/starreco/reco/pp200/pythia6_410/11_15gev/cdf_a/y2007g/gheisha_on/p08ie

The meaning of notation is:

- auau200 - auau collisions with energy = 200GeV;
- pp200 - pp collisions with energy = 200GeV;
- hijing_1.382 - hijing event generator, version 1.382 was used for simulation;
- pythia_6.205 - pythia event generator, version 6.205 was used for simulation;
- b0_3 - impact parameter b is in the range 0-3 fm;
- 11_15gev - pt trigger interval;
- fullfield (halffield) - full or half magnetic field was used in simultaion;
- year2004 (y2007g) - geometry version used for simultaion;
- gheisha_on(gcalor_on) - GHEISHA or GCALOR code was used for simulation of hadronic interactions;
- p05ie - production series;

In the subdirectory "/parameters/" any parameters could be specified, other subdirectories should be defined according to conventional name.

For GEANT simulation files subdirectory "production_series" should be replaced by name "gstardata";


Production path name for embedding data

Name of path for embedding production follow name of path for real data production (some part) plus have information about embedded particle name and ID of embedding request. The path name has next structure:
and added ../run_number subdirectory for year 2006 and next years.

Example of embedding data path:

  • /home/starreco/embedding/cuProductionMinBias/Omega_703_1179173304/P06ib.SL06b/2005/050

- cuProductionMinBias is trigger set name;
- Omega_703_1179173304 name of embedded particle (Omega) and request ID;
- P06ib.SL06b real data production series and library version used for embedding production;
- 2005 is year of real data taken;
- 050 is day of data taken;

Lidia Didenko