FMS Analysis/Calibration

FMS Analysis/Calibration Meeting

  • Tuesday 4:00 PM EST / EDT
  • See zoom info in comments below
  • Previous meetings (until Feb. 15, 2018):
  • Analysis Status (last update: Apr. 4, 2018)
  • Dataset \ Item FMS Calib
    FMS QA
    FPS Calib FPost Calib FMS-FPS
    RUN11pp x v N/A N/A N/A N/A
    RUN15pptrans v v v v
    RUN15pplong2 x x    
    RUN15pAu Δ v    
    RUN15pAl x v    
    RUN17pp Δ x Δ Δ x x

Weekly Meeting (Nov 13th, 2020)

- Latif: Ring of Fire Effects and Consistency Check for A_N Calculation 

Weekly Meeting (Nov 6th, 2020)

 - David: Issue with reading FPS data from Mudst
 - Minghui: first look at data

Weekly Meeting (Oct 30th, 2020)

 - Xiaoxuan: paper proposal
 - Latif: FMS EM-Jet A_N Update

Weekly Meeting (Oct 23rd, 2020)

  - Minghui: status update
  - David: status update

Weekly Meeting (Oct 9nd, 2020)

 - Minghui: calibration update

 - Latif: DNP Plots and Simulation Update

 - Xiaoxuan: CFNS seminar slides

Weekly Meeting (Oct 2nd, 2020)

 - Minghui: post shower association

Weekly Meeting (Sep 11th, 2020)

  - Minghui: status update
  - Latif: FMS Jet Simulation Update

Weekly Meeting (Sep 04th, 2020)

- Latif: Update on FMS Jet Simulation
- William: Post/Pre Oscillation Problem Update

Weekly Meeting (Aug 28th, 2020)

 - Xiaoxuan: discuss plots in paper draft
 - David: Initial plans for Drell Yan
 - Latif: Update on FMS Jet Simulation

Weekly Meeting (Aug 21th, 2020)

 -Xiaoxuan: Dipi0 theory update
 - David: Follow up on FMS QA plots from last week
 - Minghui: calibration status update

Weekly Meeting (Aug 21th, 2020)

 -Xiaoxuan: Dipi0 theory update

Weekly Meeting (Aug 14th, 2020)

   - Xiaoxuan: dipi0 MiniBias update
   - David: Fms Run 17 QA update (BasicFmsQa.pdf)
   - Minghui: calibration progress update

Weekly Meeting (July 31th, 2020)

  - Minghui: summary of current calibration issues
  - Xiaoxuan: dipi0 update
  - Latif: Number of FMS photons: Generated vs reconstructed

Weekly Meeting (July 24th, 2020)

  - William: Pre-Post Shower Update
  - Xiaoxuan: Dipi0 Update

Weekly Meeting (July 10th, 2020)

 - Xiaoxuan: dipi0 update
 - Minghui: pi0 change over iteration 
 - William: FPOST/FPS update
 -  Latif: FMS EM Jet Simulation

Weekly Meeting (June 19, 2020)

  - Minghui: explain yield changes

Weekly Meeting (June 12, 2020)

 - Xiaoxuan: Systematic uncertainty update and pAu1 calibration

- Latif: Beam Polarization Calculation

Weekly Meeting (June 5, 2020)

  - Xiaoxuan: Systematic uncertainty study
  - Minghui: a little question about grouping runs

Weekly Meeting (May 29, 2020)

  - Xiaoxuan: pp summary for dipi0
  - Minghui: dead/bad map comparison between st_fms and st_physics.
  - Latif: EM Jet A_N Analysis Update

Weekly Meeting (May 15, 2020)

  - Minghui: Hot channel QA
  - Latif: EM Jet A_N Analysis Update