FMS Analysis/Calibration

FMS Analysis/Calibration Meeting

  • Tuesday 4:00 PM EST / EDT
  • See zoom info in comments below
  • Previous meetings (until Feb. 15, 2018):
  • Analysis Status (last update: Apr. 4, 2018)
  • Dataset \ Item FMS Calib
    FMS QA
    FPS Calib FPost Calib FMS-FPS
    RUN11pp x v N/A N/A N/A N/A
    RUN15pptrans v v v v
    RUN15pplong2 x x    
    RUN15pAu Δ v    
    RUN15pAl x v    
    RUN17pp Δ x Δ Δ x x

Weekly Meeting (Nov. 18)

- Zhanwen: slide for SpinPWG, upload it later (Nov. 13)
- Chong: starting EMJet study
- Xiaoxuan: pAu calibration update

Weekly Meeting (Nov. 11)

  - Minghui: run list QA , also the good run lists for 3, 4 or 6 period, uvLED curing information, and before and after the curing run list.

Weekly Meeting (Nov. 4)

 ZZ: paper proposal uodate

Weekly Meeting (Oct. 28)

 - Minghui: test calibration for RUN15 day 8081
 - Xiaoxuan: pAu calibration, day136-138
 - Minghui: channel by channel comparison

Weekly Meeting (Oct. 21)

-ZZ: paper proposal 
- Xiaoxuan: pAu calibration updates
- Minghui: suggest to start preparation for Run-17 calibration

Weekly Meeting (Sep. 30)

 ZZ:additional stuff

Weekly Meeting (Sep. 30)

- David: Explanation of Comments for Run 17 FPS and FPOST run QA

Weekly Meeting (Sep. 23)

- ZZ: jet AN
- Chong: last QA report and post for the case of discussion

Weekly Meeting (Sep. 9)

- ZZ: question on meeting
- Xiaoxuan: Dipi0 updates

Simulation analysis note for comments

 - Minghui: Forward Drell Yan simulation analysis note.
 - Minghui: a 10 slides summary

Weekly Meeting (Aug. 26)

 - Xilin: invariant mass analysis update (remote)
 - Xiaoxuan: Pion0 positions

Weekly Meeting (Aug. 12)

 - Xilin: Invariant mass analysis update
 - Minghui: quick review about the simulation
 - Xiaoxuan: Updates by using West Earliest TDC

Weekly Meeting (Aug. 5)

- Zhanwen: polarization error calculation
- Chong: degradation study by gainCorr Link

Weekly Meeting (July 29)

 - Xiaoxuan: Vpd time dependence

Weekly Meeting (July 22)

 - Minghui: soft energy source and preshower association 
 - Xiaoxuan: Time dependence summary
- Chong: degradation study

Weekly Meeting (Jul 15)

- ZZ: Result with new Fitting and AN Vs Pt 
- Xiaoxuan: Time dependence update
- Malia: FPost MIP status

Weekly meeting (July 8)

- Chong: calibration status Link

Weekly Meeting (June 24)

 - Xiaoxuan: timing dependence update

Weekly Meeting (June 17)

- Chong: calibration status
- Xiaoxuan: timing dependence update

Weekly Meeting (June 3, 2019)

  - Xiaoxuan: pAu Hot Channels update
-ZZ: result and discussion