FMS Analysis/Calibration

FMS Analysis/Calibration Meeting

  • Tuesday 4:00 PM EST / EDT
  • See zoom info in comments below
  • Previous meetings (until Feb. 15, 2018):
  • Analysis Status (last update: Apr. 4, 2018)
  • Dataset \ Item FMS Calib
    FMS QA
    FPS Calib FPost Calib FMS-FPS
    RUN11pp x v N/A N/A N/A N/A
    RUN15pptrans v v v v
    RUN15pplong2 x x    
    RUN15pAu Δ v    
    RUN15pAl x v    
    RUN17pp Δ x Δ Δ x x

Weekly meeting (March 8, 2022)

  - Minghui: FPS signal fit
  - Xilin: diffractive EM jet AN for FMS update

Weekly meeting (March 1, 2022)

 - David: First round of plots to use for FPS and FPOST NIM paper

Weekly meeting (Feb 8th, 2022)

 - Xilin: Diffractive EM Jet AN result for run 15 FMS

Weekly Meeting (Feb 1st, 2022)

  - Minghui: fps/fpost calibration improvement

Weekly Meeting (Jan 25th, 2022)

  - Xilin: FMS simulation update 

Weekly Meeting (Jan 25th, 2022)

  - Minghui: fps/fpost calibration improvement.

Weekly Meeting (Jan 12th, 2022)

  - Xiaoxuan: dipi0 update (comments from last PWG call)
  - Xilin: diffractive EM Jet simulation update

fps/fpost bad ch QA

For one channel, we calculate the average ADC (normalized) and sigma over all the runs, then compare the channel's ADC of specific run to the average spectrum.

Weekly Meeting (Jan 4th, 2022)

 - Xiaoxuan: dipi0 update and preliminary plots

Weekly Meeting (Dec 21st, 2021)

 - Xiaoxuan: dipi0 update of trigger dependence
 - Xilin: data/simulation comparison 
 - Minghui: post shower not MIP calibrated for simulation

Weekly Meeting (Dec 14th, 2021)

  - Minghui: I'd like to discuss simulation

Weekly Meeting (Dec 07th, 2021)

  - Xilin: Roman Pot simulation
  - Xiaoxuan: dipi0 update
  - William: FPS/FPOST update
  - Minghui: J/Psi check

Weekly Meeting (Nov 30th, 2021)

  - Xiaoxuan: dipi0 in dAu update

Weekly Meeting (Nov 23rd, 2021)

  -Xilin: hard diffraction process simulation results

Weekly Meeting (Nov 2nd, 2021)

  - Minghui: gainCorr stability:

Weekly Meeting (Oct 26th, 2021)

  - Minghui: final calibration results

Weekly Meeting (Oct 12th, 2021)

  - Xilin: check with particle level track and Roman Pot track in the simulation
  - Minghui: trying to further remove "hot" channels.

Weekly Meeting (Oct 5th, 2021)

 - Xiaoxuan: comments from Institute Review
 - Xilin: update on simulation results

Weekly Meeting (Sep 28th, 2021)

  - William: FPS/FPOST Update

Weekly Meeting (Sep 21st, 2021)

  - MInghui: latest FMS QA comparison
  - Xilin: Roman Pot track comparison check between data and simulation
  - David: Update on testing ML training