... quickly add a picture on a page


It IS possible to copy-and-paste an image in the WISIWIG editor of course and this feature has been there for ages. Please, be responsible and balance your convenience and the scalability / long term usability of this method. If you have many imagest o include, you need to understand that the resulting page will be large as the copy-and-paste will essentially add an image bitmap information to the page HTML itself ... below a few pros and cons.

  • Quick and easy hence perfect for quick pages or singe purpose image
  • Perfect for blogging
  • The page itself becomes bigger and since we saved them in a database, this could get out of hands
  • The orginal resolution may be lost
    • Note: images handled by ImageAssist in contrast are Physically saved on disk and can be re-used many times (and downloaded in full resolution).
  • Original transparency will be lost
  • The included image cannot be referenced by another page (you need to include it again if you want it to appear on another page)
  • ...
Now, how to do that
  • Open an image - I use iView in my example
  • Use your image viewer "copy" short key
  • Make sure you have the FCKEditor set to WISIWIG (not plan text editor)
  • Make sure you use the full HTML option in "Input Format"
  • Use the CTRL/V function ...
The image below was included that way, actually copying the image from the Drupal site by simply using my browser (right click, "Copy Image" and using CTRL/V here). Hard to do it simpler ...

The demonstration is done that the WISIWIG can indeed display bitmap images. A note however that the ability to copy-and-paste images highly depends on your Web browser and/or ImageViewer capability to put and recover the image from the clipboard. Don't blame Drupal for everything ... It can do it but your OS and tools need to have that copy and paste from clipboard capability.