... add pages to this site

  1. First, you should be the registered user. Anonymous users are not allowed to add new pages or modify existing ones. While we request for your Drupal account name (UserID) to match the RCF account, please note that both RCF and Drupal accounts do NOT share the same password.
  2. Log in using the login box (bottom-left corner of every site page)
  3. Using 'sitemap' or 'documents' link navigate to the site section you are going to extend.
  4. Click 'add child page' link which is located below the page body.
    You should see the page labelled 'Create book page'
  5. Put title into the 'Title' editbox and select a category in the "STAR" menu just below (no default is set but it needs at least one)
  6. Put the page body into the 'Body' textarea. You can switch to plain text edit using the '' sign, if you need more control.
  7. Leave 'Path alias' blank.
  8. Leave 'Parent' as it is.
  9. Click 'Preview' then 'Submit'. Enjoy your new page! It is immediately added to sitemap, participates in site search and many more!