STAR Notes


STAR Notes (starnotes) module

  • This module allows to see and search a list of the STAR Notes
  • There are two types of notes :
    • public - can be seen by users with "access starnotes" ACL
    • private - can be seen only by users with "submit starnotes" ACL (in our case, STAR collaborators with drupal account)
  • Categories : each note can be assigned to one of the categories
    • each category has moderators, so when a note is submitted an automatic email is sent to all moderators of the category that a note has been assigned. Then moderators have to make a decision whether to accept, decline or edit and then accept the note. An automatic email with the decision will be sent to the submitter as well as all moderators.
  • ACL for this module
    • 'access starnotes' - gives an access to the list of the STAR Notes as well as search options; the idea is that this privilege will be granted to any visitor of the STAR web page (even non-authorized user)
    • 'submit starnotes' - allows a user to submit a STAR Note.  However in this step the new note won't have its unique number and won't be posted on the web until it will be accepted by a user with 'create starnotes' privilege.
    • 'approve starnotes' - allows a user with this privilege to
      • create a new STAR Note (including giving a number to the note)
      • edit/delete existing STAR Notes
      • users with this ACL that are also moderators of one of the category can
        accept submitted notes. User with this privilege will see an extra tab called "submitted notes" that will list all submitted note. Before accepting a note, this user has to verify that all information that were submitted are correct, assign a new (unique) number to this note and make it public (change a status from 'submitted' to 'posted')
    • 'administer starnotes' - administer the module. Administrator can add/delete/edit  categories of STAR Notes, edit moderators of each category
  • Search options for the STAR Notes:
    • "Year": Year of pubication
    • "SN Number" : SN Number
    • "string" : search for a string in the following fields: Title, Abstract, Keywords
  • placeholders of this module (used by pathauto module)
    • notetype
    • snnumber
    • sntitle