STAR Theses


STAR Theses (startheses) module

  •  Module has moderators that are responsible for a content seen on the web pages.
  • ACL for this module
    • 'access startheses' - gives an access to the list of the STAR Theses as well as search options; the idea is that this privilege will be granted to any visitor of the STAR web page (even non-authorized user)
    • 'submit startheses' - allows a user to submit a thesis.  However in this step the new thesis won't be posted on the web until it will be accepted by a user with 'create startheses' privilege.
    • 'approve startheses' - allows a user with this privilege to
      • create a new STAR Thesis
      • edit/delete existing STAR Thesis
      • users with this ACL that are also moderators of this module can accept submitted theses.  Before accepting a thesis, this user has to verify that all information that were submitted are correct and make it public (change a status from 'submitted' to 'posted')
    • 'administer startheses' - administer the module. Administrator can set up moderators of this module
  • placeholders of this module (used by pathauto module)
    • thesistype [phd,masters,diploma]
    • thesisauthor