PWG convener to press the approval button


 On this page, we collect the information about which PWG convener to press the final approval button for which conference.  

Conference Convener
2018 Hot Quarks Rongrong Ma
2018 Hard Probes Petr Chaloupka
2018 EJC Petr Chaloupka
2018 ATHIC Zebo Tang
2018 Zimanyi School Petr Chaloupka
2019 Bormio Rongrong Ma
2019 IIT Indore Zebo Tang
2019 QCD Moriond Petr Chaloupka
2019 APS April Meeting Sooraj Radhakrishnan
2019 QWG Zebo Tang
2019 FAIRness Zebo Tang
2019 SQM Petr Chaloupka
2019 AUM Sooraj Radhakrishnan