High pT

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AuAu 200 GeV Run14 pythia6 dijet embedding

PYTHIA-6 dijet events in 200 GeV Au+Au, VPDMB-30 trigger, SL18ih library



PicoDst QA Run16065027 (test)


Presentation on D-h work








run12-pp 200GeV




IST calibration update

Speaker : Babak Abi ( UIC )

Talk time : 21:25, Duration : 00:20


(No) multiplicity bias in Au+Au + trigger

The figure below shows the refmult distribution for events with a central trigger (run-4 central data, triugger 15105) and various high-pt trigger particle selections (>2 GeV, >4 GeV and >

Medium density from IAA

In order to see how well our IAA measurement constrains the medium density in models, I started making a comparison following the method by Jamie Nagle.

gamma-jet analysis in p+p and Au+Au

Speaker : A. Hamed or S. Mioduszewski

Talk time : 14:00, Duration : 00:30

Pi0 Spin Analysis

PWG data sample usage


Speaker : Jamie Dunlop ( BNL )

Talk time : 12:00, Duration : 00:10

Feedback from analysis meeting talk

  • Jason might see a mach-cone like effect but at 1.3 ~ consistent with my "peak location" plot
  • check charge-charge correlations (Sergei)
  • check dcs cut (Claude)