Data Collection

Runlist query: -distinct -keys 'orda(runnumber)' -cond 'production=P06ie,trgsetupname=ppProductionLong,sanity=1,tpc=1' -limit 0

This query yields 406 runs (3 with emc=0) which I process with star-submit-template.  I'm using Murad's production of StJetSkimEvents to get all event-level info, so my chain is brutally simple:  just StMuDSTMaker and a simple set of track quality cuts, viz. 

  • pT > 2 GeV/c
  • |eta| < 2.1

Current working directory (PDSF):


Once I've got these trees back at MIT I merge them with the jetSkimEvent trees using an index on (run,event) (see Common Analysis Trees).  I also apply some more stringent cuts:

Event-level cuts

  • spinDB reports all OK
  • nVertices > 0 and z-position of best vertex inside 60cm

Track cuts

  • pT > 2. GeV/c
  • |eta| < 1.
  • |DCAglobal| < 1.
  • nHitsFit >= 25
  • nSigmaPion in [-1,2]