Basic QA Plots

Select a trigger and charge combination to view QA summary plots.  Each point on a plot is a mean value of that quantity for the given run, while the error is sqrt(nentries).


Problems Worth Noting

  • Drop in nHitsFit and jump in DCA for associated globals for days 140 - 142.  The jet group has already studied this problem and reported it to starcalib.  Fixing it will require a reproduction.  Unfortunate, as it's a significant chunk of stats.
  • Group of ~3 runs from day 134 with low <pt>, low <eta>, high <vz> and small in shifts in <dEdx> and <nsigmapion>.  Looks like a hot tower; I can't remember if this has already been identified or not.
  • Comparison to Run 5 -- the mean values for dE/dx and nsigmapion are significantly different in Run 5 and Run 6.  Need to investigate this further.  For example, compare the following jet patch trigger plots for charge-summed pions.  Run 5 is on the left, Run 6 on the right.  They both start out around -0.4, but Run 5 drifts towards -0.7 while Run 6 climbs towards -0.3.