First Iteration

March 27, 2007

Steve and Oleg took 600k fast events in runs 8086057, 8086058, and 8086060 to calculate the tower slopes.  Here's a summary plot of tower slopes vs. eta:

I've attached two list of slopes for each tower at the bottom of the page.  The columns are

id -- flag -- slope -- error -- chi2 -- ndf

where the flag is determined by

if(ndf < 30) x                        //empty, stuck bit
else if(chi2 > 200.) ?               //worth a closer look
else if(slope outside 4*RMS) *   //probably needs HV adjustment
else blank                             //channel OK at 4*RMS level

The file slopes_noflags.txt has the same data as the first file, but it omits all the flag information so that it can be read into a macro easily.  Flagged channels are also listed in red in the mega-PDF