These are not Makers but codes that prove useful for BEMC analyses.  The headings indicate where the codes can be found in the STAR source code repository.



This utility converts the daq indexes for any BEMC detector (crate number, position in the crate, etc) in software ids (softId, module, eta, sub).

It also converts the Level-0 BEMC trigger patches ids in the corresponding tower crate number and index in the crate. It is quite useful to determine the correspondent tower that fired the trigger


This class is used to convert softId in real eta and phi position in the detector and vice-versa. Also converts softId in module, eta and sub indexes that are used in StEvent.

It has methods to get geometrical information of the BEMC, such as number of channels, radius, etc. This is a very important utility in the BEMC software.


Utility to project tracks in the BEMC detector


Utility to load the database tables and get any information from them. It works only in makers running in the chain and has methods to return pedestal, calibrations, gain and status values for all the BEMC detectors. To use it do, in your maker:

// in the constructor. Supposing you have a private
// member StBemcTables *mTables;
mTables = new StBemcTables();

// in the InitRun() or Make() method
// this method loads all the BEMC tables
// it is necessary to have St_db_Maker running

// Getting information
// for example, getting pedestal and RMS for the
// BTOW Detector softId = 100
float ped = mTables->pedestal(BTOW, 100);
float rms = mTables->pedestalRMS(BTOW, 100);


This class inherits from StBemcTables and is useful for performing all kinds of more advanced BEMC DB operations, including uploading tables if you've got the privileges for it.

I'm not sure if anyone is actually using the rest of these, nor am I confident that they actually work in DEV.  Feel free to leave some feedback if you have some experience with them. -- Adam


Utility to subtract hadronic energy from EMC towers. It uses StEmcHadDE to subtract the hadronic energy in the calorimeter in a event by event basis.


Utility to calculate hadronic energy profile in the BEMC. It calculates the amount of energy deposited by a single hadron as a function of its momentum, position in the detector and distance to the center of the tower.


This utility calculates high voltages for the towers for a given absolute gain.


Basic EMC neural network interface.


Event filter for BEMC (StEvent and StMcEvent only)

This utility has a collection of tools to do event filtering in the BEMC. Some of the filters available are:

  • basic event filter: vertex, multiplicity, etc
  • tower filters: tower isolation filter, number of tracks in tower, energy cuts, tower energy and associated pt cuts, etc.