The BEMC makers available in STAR include:

StEmcADCtoEMaker - This maker converts plain ADC values in energy. It subtracts pedestals, applies calibrations and creates the StEmcRawHits in StEvent. This maker also checks for corrupted headers. The input data format for this maker can be ANY of the formats below:

  • DAQ format (from DAQ files)
  • StEmcRawData format (StEvent)
  • StEmcCollection (StEvent)
  • StMuEmcCollection (muDST)

A light version of this maker (StEmcRawMaker) runs during production. StEmcRawMaker uses only DAQ or StEmcRawData format as input.
StPreEclMaker - This maker implements clustering of the BEMC detectors.
StEpcMaker - This maker matches the clusters in the BEMC detectors making what we call an StEmcPoint. It also matches tracks with points, if the input format is StEvent.
StEmcTriggerMaker - This maker simulates the BEMC level 0 trigger response using the plain ADC information from the towers. It works both with real and simulated data and it applies exactly the same trigger algorithm as in the BEMC hardware.
StEmcSimulatorMaker - This is the slow BEMC simulator.  It takes an StMcEvent as input and fills the StEmcRawHit collections of StEvent with simulated ADC responses for all subdetectors.
StEmcCalibrationMaker - This is the maker used for BEMC calibration. It has methods to calculate pedestals for all the BEMC detectors as well as detector equalization, based on spectra shape and MIP analysis. This maker runs online as our online pedestal calculator.
StEmcMixerMaker - This maker is the basic BEMC embedding maker. It mixes hits from two StEvent objects in the memory. The hits from the second StEvent are mixed in the first one.  It can run in a standard BFC embedding chain or as an afterburner (afterburner mode requires an event.root file from non-BEMC embedding plus a geant.root file containing BEMC information for simulated particles to be embedded).