FTPC "Online" Calibration Software

The FTPC "online" calibration software is a collection of programs and macros which run on the FTPC
online machines (virgo-run09.starp,cassini-run09.starp) processing either data directly from the event pool or from
a *.daq file.

All the FTPC calibration software is committed to the online/ftpc branch of the STAR CVS reposititory.
Each committed module contains a README file and a doc subdirectory which contain all the pertinent
information regarding the purpose and use of the program and/or macros contained in the module.

The FTPC "online" calibration program library is located on virgo-run09.starp in /data/FtpcOnlineLibrary
and can be used from the ftpccrew account on virgo-run09.starp.

Attention: The FTPC 3-D display software does not run with ROOT_LEVEL 4.04.02

                                                      Programs in the FtpcOnlineLibrary
calib_tool creates a graphical user interface which allows the user to interactively analyze
                      the *.root files produced when the daq files from an FTPC laser run are processed
                     with the FTPC "private chain". The FTPC "private chain" produces a special output
                     file when DEBUGFILE is defined in StFtpcClusterMaker and StFtpcTrackMaker.

CardFinder utilities,PadAnalysisCreate and PadAnalysisWrite, analyze the pads, locate
                    the bad and/or noisy chips and produce lists of the bad electronics.

                     Reads, processes and displays event(s) from the event pool: /evp/a, /evp/b or
                     the "live" stream (the event which is currently being input into the event pool).
                     Due to firewall restrictions you can only access the event pool and the live stream from the  starp sub-net .
here for running instructions.
padmon is a software program designed for monitoring the FTPC hardware performance.

NoiseFinder contains the programs and macros which produce the FTPC online and offline
                  gain tables.
                 Run the NoiseFinder programs GetGain and FindNoise from the FtpcOnlineLibrary
                 on to create a gain table. The gain table flags out dead
                 and/or noisy pads. The NoiseFinder utility,, converts the
                 gain table into an ftpcAmpSlope.C file which is added to the offline data base
                 in the Calibrations_ftpc/ftpcAmpSlope table.

                 Online_Tool contains the shell script ftpc_display and the L3 display
                 macros. The ftpc_display shell script provides an interface to FTPC online
                 event processing. An event from the event pool or from a daq file is read in
                and the cluster finding and tracking results are displayed with the 3-D viewer.
here for running instructions.