STAR Future & Upgrade

  1. SN0773 - Jun. 2021: STAR Beam Use Request for run 22, 23-25
  2. SN0755 - Sep 2020: STAR Beam Use Request for run 21, 22, 23-25
  3. SN0721 - May 2019: STAR Beam Use Request for run 20 and 21
  4. SN0696 - May 2018: STAR Beam Use Request for run 19 and 20
  5. SN0670 - May 2017: STAR Beam Use Request for run 18 and run 19
  6. Post-shower proposal and review report  May 2016
  7. The RHIC Cold QCD Plan from 2017 to 2023: A portal to the EIC - Jan. 2016
    draft: December 2015
  8. Endcap TOF proposal-Jan. 2016
    draft: Jan. 14, 2016
  9. Event-Plane Proposal-May. 2016
  10. SN0648 - January, 2016 (proposal updated May 2017), STAR Forward Calorimeter and Forward Tracking Systems beyond BES-II
  11. SN0644 - Nov. 29, 2016, Technical Design Report for the iTPC Upgrade
  12. SN0640-Oct. 19, 2015, Physics Opportunities with STAR in 2020+
  13. SN0639-Oct. 15, 2015, Letter of Interest: CBM TOF as STAR Endcap TOF for BES-II at RHIC
  14. SN0625-May. 19, 2015, RHIC Beam Use Request for runs 16 and 17
  15. SN0619-Feb. 18, 2015, A Proposal for STAR Inner TPC Sector Upgrade (iTPC)
  16. SN0617-Jan. 19, 2015, a case for run16 pp510 (supplementary material)
  17. e-Print: arXiv:1502.02730,
    Hot QCD White Paper: Exploring the Phases of QCD at RHIC and the LHC
  18. e-PrintarXiv:1501.06477,
    the properties of the phases of QCD matter - research opportunities and priorities for the next decade
  19. SN0606-Jun. 2, 2014, STAR Beam Use Request (BUR) for run-15 and run-16
  20. SN0605-Jun. 1, 2014, A polarized p+p and p+A program for the next years
  21. SN0598-Mar. 28, 2014, Studying the Phase Diagram of QCD Matter at RHIC
  22. SN0592-Oct. 1, 2013,  eSTARLetter of Intent
  23. 2014 Computing plan
  24. SN0588-Aug. 21, 2013, EsNETHEP/NP Science Network Requirements 2013
  25. STAR Decadal Plan, December 2010, 

STAR  Collaboration:
decadal plan,
eSTAR Letter of Intent,
Beam Energy Scan Whitepaper,
A Polarized p+p and p+A program in the coming years 

2015 Long Range Plan:

The charge letter can be found at the URL:

Hot QCD Town Meeting Summary:  

Town Meetings:
3. QCD:Hadron + Heavy Ion to meet together
QCD Heavy Ion Conveners: Paul Sorensen (Brookhaven National Laboratory) and Ulrich Heinz (Ohio State University)
QCD Hadron Conveners: Haiyan Gao (Duke University) and Craig Roberts (Argonne National Laboratory)
Meetings of interest:
EIC Users group meeting at Stonybrook, June 27-29, 2014
Users meeting of JLAB: at JLAB on June 1,2, 2014
Users meeting of RHIC: at BNL on June 17-20, 2014
High Performance Computing (Computation in Nuclear Physics), Washington DC, July 14-15, 2014


Past and current upgrade proposals (2005 - 2010) are given in the proposal page (updated Feb 14, 2010)

The RHIC Mid-Term Strategic Plan Status as of February 2008 by Tom Ludlam


Summary Report of Workshop on Physics in the DAQ1000 Era (internal, August 16-17 2007)

RHIC II Science Cases (RHIC Future, December 2006)

STAR Decadal Plan (internal - September 2003)

Final Report from the Detector Upgrades Review, March 2006

Highlights of STAR Mid-Term Upgrades (2007)

Working Group HyperNews/Mailing List (internal)

STAR Upgrade Workshop at UCLA (December 15-16, 2011)

STAR Upgrade Workshop at BNL (June 11-12, 2012)

STAR R&D and upgrades for 2012 

Workshop Summary



 The page contains the documents for proposal, new, those upgrades in progress and the past proposal for upgrades that has been implemented. Review committees for the new proposals (Fall 2009) has been established. The charge and process for assessing and prioritizing these are given in the attached file.

Ongoing upgrades

eSTAR LoI and details at its bookpage

an Upgrade to the Inner Sectors of STAR Time Projection Chamber

HFT+ (an upgrade to HFT in 2020)

Forward Upgrade (Forward Calorimeter System and Forward Tracking System)

Heavy Flavor tracker


Heavy Flavor Tracker - June 8, 2006 
Heavy Flavor Tracker - October 10, 2007 

HFT CD-0 Review Report

   January 9, 2009: Letter to BNL; Report: Final versionExcerpts

 Conceptual Design Report, Nov 11, 2009

Future material will be posted on the child page HFT project



Forward Gem Tracker (FGT)

Forward GEM Tracker- December 29, 2007(MIT link)   local link



Quarterly report Q1Fy11


New Proposals


High Level Trigger (HLT)

LOI  2009 -- committee report (4/6/2009)

 Proposal October 2009

Final report from on proposal, February 2010


Muon Telescope Detector (MTD)

    Proposal  October 2009

    Report from Commitee received Jan 21, 2010 

    Revised Proposal February 10, 2010 submitted to BNL management. 

    A BNL lead review with DOE participation was held on September 17 2010. The talks are available at . The final report from the commitee was received October 23 2010.

Forward Hadron Calorimeter (FHC)

          HCAL East Proposal (July 28 2016)
          HCAL_proposal_140510.pdf (May 19, 2014)  

Forward Hadronic Calorimeter- November 15, 2008

Forward Hadron Calorimeter revised proposal- October, 2009

The document above is a combined, memo, old proposal, review report and upgrade to the original proposal including comments to review report question.

Report from the review committee received December 03, 2009


Phase II of physics with tagged forward protons

 Glueball Search and Diffractive Physics with the STAR Detector at RHIC - proposal, November 2009

 Final Report February 2010 

Revised proposal submitted to BNL August 5, 2010



Older proposal

upgrades that have now been completed. Kept for historical reference.

Time of Flight - May 24, 2004

Forward Meson Spectrometer - Jan., 13, 2005

DAQ 1000 - March 22, 2005

Tagged Forward Protons - July 12, 2005


HFT project

Projectl documents for the HFT upgrade project.

Documents related to the CD-0, CD-1 reviews and subsequent actions can be found (temporarely) here. Information on internal reviews, monthly reports are available in child pages. (Note the second Internal review is dummy- at end of list) 

The HFT received CD-4 approval on September 25, 2014.


There is another set of pages for HFT maintained by Spiros. LINK

OPA mini review September 24 2013

 An OPA min-review was held on September 24 as a video/phone conference


HFT 2014 Commisioning and Physics Run

 A page mainly with links to appropriate pages and documents for run 14 progress.


PXL expert running log of activities (google doc)

HFT BNL review Feb 15 2013

 The review took place at BNL on Feb 15. The talks are given below, including the commitee report

HFT Management , including f2f meeting schedules

Management information for HFT.

There are several project specific mailing lists. Pertinent information on these can be found in this document

HFT management has roughly every 2-3 months face-to-face or phone conference meeting dealing with project status, and detailled sub-system reports.
The meeting content is usually placed on the STAR event drupal page. The list below includes the most recent, but not all historical links.


June 10, 2014: Face-2-face meeting at LBNL to prepare for the CD-4 Closeout review
Link to meeting agenda and talks.


September 10 at LBNL during STAR collaborations meeting.
Star HFT focus meeting. Link to agenda and talks 

July 10, HFT software workshop
link to agenda and talks


Tuesday December 3, Phone/EVO link to agenda and talks

Tuesday September 25, LBNL link to agenda and talks
Monday June 18, UIC link to agenda and talks

Friday May 25, BNL link to agenda and talks 

Wednesday March 14, LBNL link to Agenda and talks  

Tuesday January 10, LBNL/BNL link to agenda and talks


Monday November 14, LBNL link to Agenda and talks

HFT Related Publications

Project Documents

  • The STAR Heavy Flavor Tracker - Technical Design Report  November 2011
  • The STAR Heavy Flavor Tracker - Conceptual Design Report  November 2009

HFT Sub-system Integration

 Integration sub -system. 
reports, links to pictures

  • Assembly Notes for the Fall 2012 Assembly of the HFT Carbon Fiber Support structure, including the new beam pipe.   Bill Christie & Bob Soja word document
  • IDS assembly document for Fall 2012 word document
Mechanical for IDS

Electrostatics for IDS
  • Results of electrostatics tests at UIC Gerard Visser  word document  2011
  • Effect of ledge and aluminized mylar for WSC  Howard Wieman Fall 2011 powerpoint
  • Summary of Electrostatic Field Calculations for WSC Design DickMajka 19 August 2010 word document

Beam Pipe
  • Beam pipe design considerations D.Beavis, J.Brodowski, J.Scheblein, E.Andersen, 2009 file
  • Beam pipe effective radiation length design D.Beavis 2009 file

  • September 2012 Assembled and ready to install IDS by BNL photography LINK

HFT Sub-system SSD

 Documentation page for SSD

The older doumentation page is available at this link . Much of the information is still relevant.



  • Ladder travelers (number schemes, ladder is, cable numbers,...) from re-installation

HFT annual OPA Review 2012


DOE/SC Review of the STAR HFT Project July 7-18



Project Overview   .......................F.Videbæk

Schedule and Budget .................. S.Morgan

Global Structure and Engineering E.Anderssen

PXL sub-system .......................... L.Greiner

IST subsystem ............................. G vanNieuwenhuizen

SSD sub system ........................... J.Thomas

 Integration and Assembly ............ R.Sharma

 Software ...................................... S.Margetis


DOE/SC closeout presentation

HFT software meetings (overview)

 Most software and related links are refered to in the link pointing to pages maintained by Spiros Margetis  LINK

Meeting page references

January 7, 2015 Minutes and contribution on eventpage
  •  Run14 production - last issues
  • Run 15 preparations
-----HAPPY 2015----------

December 10, 2014  SSD software workshop at Kent State
      time table on Event-page

December 3, 2013 Minutes and contributions on eventpage
  •   SSD hit correlation
  • KF vs. Minuit Vertex Finder  Daniel Kiola
  • Geometry check/modifications SSD - Fl
  • STI tracking opt - Hao
  • Gamma tomography - various
  • SSD update - Jon.
October 29 2014
  • Summary of meeting with S&C
  • minuit and KFvertex Daniel - link
October 22 2014
  • Meeting with S&C
  •  Subsystem updates
  • HFT+MTD simulation Bingchu link 
October 16 2014 talks on event page
  • gamma tomography Andrezj Lipiec
  • KFVertex vs. VMiniut  amilkar
  • SSD geometry test update Jonathan

May 23 aganda: talks at event page 
  • StiSsd udpade Jonathan
  • PXl Global Alignment  Michael
  • Simulation Update  Yefei
  • PXL and IST hits Amilkar

February 28 agenda, talks  at event page
  • commissioning update 
  • Alignment checks
  • subsystem's update
February 21 agenda, talks  at event page
  • commissioning update
  • subsystem's update

February 7 agenda, talks and minutes at event page
  • commissioning update
  • subsystem's update
January 31 agenda, talks and minutes at event page
  • IST status Yaping

January 24 agenda, talks and minutes at event page
  • IST status and Plans Yaping
  • SSD Geometry update
January 17 agenda, talks and minutes at event page
  • RUN-14 Preparations
January 10 agenda, talks and minutes at event page
  • QA - discussion
  • Request for subsystem status
  • SSD geometry update
January 3 agenda, talks and minutes at event page
  • DCA-based alignment with zero field update
  • HFT geometry updates
  • UPC electrons in zero field simulations

December 20 talks on meeting event page
  • Cosmic Run plan
  • SSD geometry update

December 12 special FACE-2-FACE BNL meeting event page
Agenda and Talks at the event page.

December 6 talks on event page
  • IST/SSD alignment infrastructure work
  • PXL Pileup in Simulations report
  • Alignment updates from Mike and Xin
November 22 talks and minutes on event page
  • IST survey and online histograms 
  • SSD DAQ reader update
  • Run-13 Pxl alignment for all sectors

November 15 talks and minutes on event page
  • SSD survey work report. 
  • Geometry updates. 
  • Performance study for simulations
November 8 talks and minutes on event page
  • Alignment work reports. 
  • Simulation work updates. 
  • IST and SSD software work progress reports
November 1 talks  on event page
  •  Alignment challenge…with Blind Test on Simulation and Real Data. 
  • Simulation work updates. Xin circulated a plan and Jonathan is moving on setting it up.
  • IST software review. Yaping posted his latest updates. Last call before he sends this out
October 25  talks and minutes on Event Page
  • Agenda
    • Task-list: near term and readiness for Run14
    • Blind Alignment Tests and Simulations update
October 4  talks on Event Page
  • Agenda
    • LBL meeting agenda
    • FAST-QA preparations
    • Geometry/Simulation update
    • Analysis codes
    • Alignment with local histos 
September 27  talks on Event Page
  • Agenda
    • Alignment investigations
    • IST software preparations for the review
September 20  talks on Event Page
  • Agenda
    • DOE review
    • Alignement progress aand transformation puzzled
    • code review
    • simulation
  • PXL alignment slides ver 1.6 ver 1.5
  • Review software slides

September 13: talks and minutes on Event page
  • News, Software status and plans for upcoming reviews
  • PXL alignment

September 6: talks and minutes on Event page 
  • PXL alignment progress (pass 1.3) Spiros
  • IST Db Table proposal  Yaping
August 30 : talks on Event Page
  • HFT CA software  Jonathan
  • Event Display Update
  • IST software Yaping
  • Alignment Pass 1.3 Spiros
  • Global Plotting - Long Ma
           Minutes (Spiros)

August 23 talks on Event Page
  • IST software chain - Yaping (presented by Zhenyu)
  • Event display update -  Jonathan Bouchet
August 16 August 12  talks on STAR event page
August 2 talks on star event page
  • V0 finder with KFparticle Jonathan Bouchet
July 26 talks on STAR Event Page
  • Alignment pass1 and simulation results (5 files)
  • Pointing resolution and alignment between sectors (Xin Dong)

July 10 2013 Software Workshop
            Drupal event link


HFT numbering scheme. (May 13, 2013) version 7

OPA CD-4 Close-out review July 31, 2014

 An OPA pre CD4 review was held on July 31, 2014. It will be setup as a Video/Tele Conference with participants at DOE HQ, BNL, and LBL and
phone conference

Charge memo for the review (pdf)


11:00 am HFT Executive Session....................................................................................... L. Nelson

   11:30 am      Project Overview.................................................................................... F. Videbæk

   12:00 am       Project Cost and Schedule—Q&A…………………………………… S. Morgan

   12:30 pm      PXL Status/Requirements—Q&A............................................................ L. Greiner

   13:00 pm     IST Status/Requirements—Q&A...................................................................... Z.Ye

     1:30 pm     SSD Status/Requirements—Q&A ........................................................... J. Thomas

     2:00 pm      Break

     2:30 pm      Lessons Learned, Transition to Operations , Contingency Spending Q&A F. Videbæk

     3:15 pm      Project Summary and Recommendation................................................... .L. Nelson

     3:45 pm      Executive Session

     4:30 pm      Closeout and Adjourn

Final Documents

Supporting Documents
Supporting Documents Refered to in Reports can be found in the following page

Closeout Report

The final version of the report with recommendation for CD-4 approval was received on September 4  pdf

The CD-4 approval was given on Spetember 25. Approval document pdf. Minutes from same meeting pdf


Report Reference documents

 Documents that are refered to in the requirements document

OPA mini-review October 2012

 One recommendation of the July OPA review was to conduct a mini-review in October, in particular to assess progress on SSD, but also to review progress on the few other recommendations.

The charge for the review was:


1. What is the status of the Silicon Strip Detector (SSD)?  Is management making progress towards addressing the technical issues of the SSD, and mitigating corresponding cost and schedule impacts?


2. Have there been any significant changes or risks affecting cost, schedule, and scope since the prior DOE/SC review?  If so, is appropriate management action being taken?


3.  Is the project addressing appropriately the recommendation(s) from the prior DOE/SC review(s)?


The review included 3 talks

- Overview F.Videbæk

- SSD Status J.Thomas

- Cost and schedule S.Morgan


The closeout had in essence the following recommendations:

      Submit BCR-4 to the NP Program Manager for review by November 1, 2012.

  •         Update the risk register and report changes to the NP Program Manager monthly beginning November 1, 2012.
  •          Provide preliminary summary lessons learned to date and corresponding project improvement actions to the NP Program   Manager by November 1, 2012.
  •          Report planned versus actual percent complete at WBS Level-2 beginning with the next Monthly Report.
  • ·         Conduct OPA mini-review in February 2013.



post CD-4 documents

 Following CD$ there has been a few follow-up reports. These reside on this page

The PXL group has created a report on the damage and repair plan for the PXL#2 detector. See word document

The project was also asked to update the transsition to ops document describing how to get to the optimum value.
This is attached below.

Quarterly meetings with DOE in FY15 to discuss progress

At the November 12 meeting DOE acccepted that the UPP has been met, congratulated the efforts, and declared no further meetings are

HFT Internal reviews

HFT project internal reviews . This page mainly have links to other pages:


  • SSD RDO review June 7 2013





Upgrade to HFT in 2020 workshops and materials:

Related Meetings and Events

Call for STAR R&D requests for FY09, September 15, 2008

GMT Review Committee, September 12, 2008

HFT CD0 review, February. 25-26, 2008

FGT review, MIT, Jan. 7-8, 2008

Physics in the DAQ1000 Era, BNL, Aug. 16-17, 2007   - Drupal Page with Links to Presentations

Upgrades Workshop, BNL, Dec. 1-2, 2005

Tracking Upgrade Workshop, LBNL, Nov., 5,6, 2004

2004 Near Term Upgrades Workshop, Yale, June 15-17, 2004

Tracking Upgrade Meeting, MIT, Nov., 7,8, 2003

BNL HENP page - links to DAC and PAC recommendations, RHIC planning Group, BUR's and Decadal Plans, BNL 20 year plan, .

STAR Tracking Upgrade Working Group





Simulation Issues, 22-Sep-2003

Physics projection from HFT simulation (D0 RAA and D0 elliptic flow vs pT)




2007 R&D

SSD Readout Upgrade (Nov. 5, 2007)

Photon Converter Proposal (Nov. 12, 2007)

Event Plane Detector (Dec. 5, 2007)

R&D on a novel and compact Muon Telescope Detector for QCDLab (MTD)

T963 FermiLab Meson Beam Test For FGT and MTD (May, 2007) ;Test beam Results and Discussions

GEM Monitor for TPC (GMT) (October 15, 2007)


2016 R&D

 Forward calorimeter R&D 

R&D proposal for EIC:

STAR RD and upgrades for 2014

 Three upgrades are being prepared for run-15. namely a peshower, refurbishing of FMS, and the RP-II*

In addition STAR made a call for R&D with deadline on December 15.

STAR RD and upgrades for 2014

 Three upgrades are being prepared for run-15. namely a peshower, refurbishing of FMS, and the RP-II*

In addition STAR made a call for R&D with deadline on December 15. The documents received are:

The talks at the February 10, review can be found at
on the STAR event page.

eSTAR LoI Draft

eSTAR LoI v31 a few clean-up, 10/05/2013

eSTAR LoI v30 with improved figure quality compared to v28, 09/30/2013

v28, for submission 09/29/2013

v23, implement comments from Collaboration, ALD and PHENIX
, 09/26/2013

v17, to the collaboration, 09/16/2013

zip file for all figures used in eSTAR LoI 09/24/2013

v14 to the eSTAR LoI committee -- 09/15/2013

Executive summary - initial draft dated 09/13/2013

Latest verion in 09/09/2013, eSTAR-LoI_v9 - comments sought and welcome, preferrably by 09/12/2013


Second draft dated: 08/26/2013 9AM

First draft dated: 08/25/2013 9PM

high resolution version: 

eSTAR Task Force

eSTAR Letter of Intent:
Presentation to STAR council

eSTAR LoI Charges from ALD/BNL:

eSTAR LoI Charges from STAR Collaboration:

eRHIC Design Study Document for LRP:
outline of eRHIC Design Study Document for LRP 2014

eSTAR Task Force:


In order to prepare the experiment to complement the ongoing physics programs
related to AA, pA and pp collisions with a strong ep and eA program by an
additional electron beam and prepare the collaboration to participate in the US
Nuclear Physics Long Range Planning exercises during 2012-2013, we establish
the eSTAR Task Force.
This task force will be in function during the next three years. The main charges
for the task force are:
(1) Identify important physics measurements and assess their science impact during
the eSTAR era (2017-2020). Prepare a white paper or an updated decadal plan
including physics sensitivities and detailed R&D projects.
(2) With (1) in mind as well as the eRHIC interaction region design(s) and other
constraints, identify and advise STAR Management on priorities for detector R&D
projects within the collaboration.
(3) Engage the collaboration by organizing special ep/eA workshops, document the
progress and report annually to the collaboration.
(4) Work with the STAR management and the EIC task force (setup by the BNL
management) to strengthen the physics case(s) for eSTAR and a future EIC.


Detector R&D:

Forward Spaghetti Calorimeter (FSC)(April, 2011)

Forward TOF/TRD (ETTIE) (November, 2011)

BBC Polarimetry (ANL) (November 2011)

Crystal BSO Calorimeter (USTC)(November 2011)

TPC Endcap Material pictures vs gSTAR

All EIC R&D Proposals (November, 2011)

EIC R&D Committee Report (12/23/2011)

Call for EIC Detector R&D

First-stage eRHIC Kinematics

EIC Event Generators

Wiki and mailing lists:

eRHIC Sciences and Configurations

INT Workshop Report on EIC science case

mailing list:

Biweekly EVO phone meeting:

eSTAR LoI Meeting since 07/29/2013
Monday 1-2PM (SeeVogh# 15 9119)

New meeting since 01/31/2012
Tuesday 12--1PM;
EVO 12 3569

Last Meeting was 01/18/2012:
Wednesday 12:30--1:30PM;
EVO ID 109811;
PLEASE check hypernews and drupal events for updates