Article 20 SN0014


Article 19 SN0015


Article 18 SN0025


Article 17 SN0019


Article 16 SN0012

 This sector had a serious oversight during bonding resulting in a grounding wire caught below the pad plane.

article 15 SN0011


EPD LV Power


 EPD Low Voltage Power Supply Assembly

Supersector and Tile Health/Status

This page records the health status of the 31 Supersectors.  (Well, SS28 was dropped, so there are only 30, but we keep the numbering.)

Cosmic Tests at BNL - Diagonal issue


While running at BNL, it was noticed that there was a diagonal line when looking at the correlation between two tiles.  Essentially, they would both fire, and with ADCs that are strongly correlat

Tuesday night EPD Management meetings

Weekly meeting of Upgrades Coordinator (Elke Aschenauer, formerly Flemming Videbaek) and the EPD management team

Tuesdays at 22:00 BNL time

First Autumn 2017 cosmic tests at STAR

After Thanksgiving, we have placed a stack of three super

article 14 SN0021


article 13 SN0030


article 12 SN0029

This sector was found at SDU to have the right GG side mount out of spec, just at limit where the
wire would touch the side mount surface

article 11 SN0024


article 10 SN0028


article 9 SN0016

article 8 SN0023

 QA from SDU


Article 7 SN0020


article 6 SN0026

 QA from SDU