Enter TPC gains into database

The TPC gains file is usually found at


Somebody like Tonko or Blair usually announces when a new file has been created on the calib-hn list. To update the database get this file into your working directory. You will also need to get a file RowPadToFEE.txt from, e.g., /star/u/jecc/tpcwrk. Finally you need to run the macro that Fabrice Retiere wrote called MakeGainT0Y4Copy.C, available from, e.g., /star/u/jedd/tpcwrk/StRoot/macros. Usage of this macro is

.x MakeGainT0Y4.C(const char* gaintxt, const char* timestamp)

where timestamp is in the format "2006-05-10 15:06:00". Note that the format "yyyymmdd_hhmmss" is no longer supported so older documentation may be wrong. Usually the creation date for tpc_gains.txt on rts02 is used for the timestamp. This macro loads three tables: tpcGain, tpcISTimeOffsets and tpcOSTimeOffsets and will create three corresponding .root files in your working directory. You should also keep a dated copy of the text file for possible use by others, named something like tpc_gains_20060510_150600.txt.