From the Wireless


A restricted amount of printers are accessible via the BNL wireless and served via a CUPS server. The access and printing could be delayed (there are multiple CUPS servers involved to pass the printing from outside to inside).

Follow the methods below depending on your OS. If you have information on how to set on other OS, please let us know and we will add the instructions here.

The CUPS server URL is CUPSURL=http://cups:631/ and its IP CUPSIP== (the alias cups should be defined on the Wireless). Only printers displayed in green on Printers are valid.

On Windows system

  • go to Start -> Settings -> Printers and Faxes
  • An explorer window will open with possibly the printers you have already set
  • Click Add Printer - the Wizard will open
  • Click Next
  • In the Local or Network Printer menu, select A network printer or a printer attached to another computer - click next
  • In the Specify a Printer menu, select  Connect to a printer on the internet and fill the URL box accordingly
    • You need to specify a printer available from the CUPS server - go the CUPS server Web site to see available printers

MAC Users

Instructions 1:
  • Use a browser and go to:  localhost:631/printers
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click:  add printer 
  • Select the name of the printer and characteristics
    • For example HP_Color_LasetJet_4700_2
    • Use printer location:  the IP address of the CUPS server (see above  for the value of CUPSIP)
    • Device:   Internet Printing Protocol (http) 
    • Use the CUPS server URI to the selected printer for the device URI
    • Select Model/Driver HP 
    • Model:   scroll to get the proper model, for example "HP LaserJet Series" or "HP Color LaserJet 4700"  (this depends on what is loaded on user's Mac)
Instructions 2:
  • Click on the apple in the upper left, System Preferences->Print and Fax
  • Authenticate by clicking on the key (need to authenticate as a user with administrator privileges)
  • Click on the + to add a new printer
  • Click on Protocol to get "Internet Printing Protocol - IPP"
    • Address: use the CUPS server address (see above for the value of CUPSIP)
    • Queue: printers/HP_Color_LaserJet_4700_2
    • Name: give it something useful like "LJ4700_wireless"
    • Print using "HP"
    • Select HP Color Laserjet 4700
  • Click Add then click continue
  • Double check that it's right by bringing up the CUPS web interface.
    Should have the "Device URI" of the form ${CUPSURI}/printers/HP_Color_LaserJet_4700_2 as per our example.