Run 16 shift dues



Requests to serve additional shifts should be made PRIOR to the final calculation of the dues to the shift committee (D. Keane and D. Smirnov). Please, refer to the important dates section in this document for the "until when" you could make such request.

Past shortfalls, shift coverage by institution

The below table shows the percentage of missed shifts over the past 4 years. This information can be used to exclude authors from the author list in Run 16.

Note: If your institution is in this table and fails again to fulfill its dues and the 4 years average is below the threshold defined by our author exclusion policy (see STAR Note 0545), author would be excluded.

Institution Missed percentage, historical
Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) 71%
Institute of Modern Physics, Lanzhou 41%
University of Rajasthan 31%
Pusan National University 25%

Shift sign-up - Run 16

Important dates

  • 2015/12/04 - initial shift dues calculated - council feedback requested.
  • 2015/12/04 - Shift sign-up opens for TESTING purposes only - you may exercise the interface by emulating a sign-up
  • 2015/12/13 - The shift sign-up committee needs all council feedback by 12/11. Final shift dues will then be re-computed and provided (they should not change much and will account for all reported changes by that date)
  • 2015/12/16 - The testing interface will be turned OFF that day and all test records flushed/removed. The countdown will begin.
  • 2015/12/17 - Opening will occur at 10 AM BNL time - please, remember to log prior and wait for the countdown to open the signing

Shift Layout, Period Coordinators and special arrangements

Shift layout

STAR shifts begin January 12, 2016 with cosmic data taking shifts.

Period coordinators

As usual, period coordinators are pre-assigned / pre-signed as selected by the Spokesperson office.

Special arrangements and requests

  • UTA has requested for Lanny Ray (QA coordinator) to have the first QA shift.
    Status: the shift sign-up coordinators have had flexibility for such arrangements.
  • FIAS requested 10 shifts to catch-up for unfilled dues in past years.
  • 2) We've agreed to pre-assign the following QA shifts under the new family-related policy:
    Sevil Salur (LBNL)      FEB 16
    Richard Witt (Yale)     FEB 23
    Juan Romero (UC Davis)  MAY 31
    3) Bob Tribble (TAMU) is pre-assigned to a shift during  APR 12-19.
    4) To correct an unusual rounding anomaly, we've agreed to subtract one week from Valparaiso U dues.  

  • Dec 19, 2015. Run 16 will be shorter by two week than originally planed: 20 weeks total instead of 22
    Dear STAR Collaborators:
    We have just received the guidance from DOE (to BNL) that there will be
    20 cryo-week of RHIC run instead of the originally planned 22 weeks.
    Our shift sign-up was designed for 22 weeks. For those who have already
    signed up for the last two weeks, please try to un-sign and help to fill other
    open slots. By now we have 8 open slots and need to un-sign 24.
    For those who are not able to re-sign to other spots, we will credit your dues,
    but may ask for help if slots open due to unexpected events (visa etc.).
    I am looking forward to a successful run 16 and exciting physics from it.
    Happy Holidays!

    Below is a screen shot of the last two weeks of original shift schedule Run 16 as of Jan 5, 2016.
    Only those who signed up for shift before Dec 19, 2015 will be eligible for a credit:

    Anju Bhasin, University of Jammu
    Evan Finch, Brookhaven National Laboratory
    Abhinav Sharma, University of Jammu
    Yuri Panebratsev, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
    Madan Aggarwal, Panjab University
    Isaac Upsal, Ohio State University
    Yang Wu, Kent State University
    Grazyna Odyniec, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Kunsu Oh, Pusan National University
    Liwen Wen, University of California - Los Angeles
    Saskia Mioduszewski, Texas A&M University
    Maowu Nie, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics
    Abhinav Sharma, University of Jammu
    Renee Fatemi, University of Kentucky
    Madan Aggarwal, Panjab University
    Subhash Singha, Kent State University
    Liang He, Purdue University
    Declan Keane, Kent State University
    Sonya Kabana, Kent State University (offline QA)

    The following shifters signed up after the announcement:

    Devika Gunarathne, Temple University
    Amani Kraishan, Temple University