Run 17 shift dues



Requests to serve additional shifts should be made PRIOR to the final calculation of the dues to the shift committee (D. Keane and D. Smirnov). Please, refer to the important dates section in this document for the "until when" you could make such request.

Past shortfalls, shift coverage by institution

The below table shows the percentage of missed shifts over the past 4 years. This information can be used to exclude authors from the author list in Run 17.

Note: If your institution is in this table and fails again to fulfill its dues and the 4 years average is below the threshold defined by our author exclusion policy (see STAR Note 0545), author would be excluded.


Shift sign-up - Run 17

Important dates

  • 2016/11/29 - initial shift dues calculated - council feedback requested.
  • 2016/11/29 - Shift sign-up opens for TESTING purposes only - you may exercise the interface by emulating a sign-up
  • 2016/12/13 - The shift sign-up committee needs all council feedback by 12/11. Final shift dues will then be re-computed and provided (they should not change much and will account for all reported changes by that date)
  • 2016/12/19 - The testing interface will be turned OFF that day and all test records flushed/removed. The countdown will begin.
  • 2016/12/20 - Opening will occur at 10 AM BNL time - please, remember to log prior and wait for the countdown to open the signing

Shift Layout, Period Coordinators and special arrangements

Shift layout

STAR shifts begin January XX, 2017 with cosmic data taking shifts.

Period coordinators

As usual, period coordinators are pre-assigned / pre-signed as selected by the Spokesperson office.

Feb. 7-March 7  Oleg Eyser (BNL)
March 7- April 4 Sal Fazio (BNL)
April 4 – April 28 Shuai Yang (BNL)
April 28-May 23 Xiaofeng Luo (CCNU)
May 23 – June 20 Jinlong Zhang (LBL)
June 20 – July 11 Nihar Sahoo (TAMU)


Special arrangements and requests

0) Bob Tribble: SL, evening, beginning Mar 21
1) Pavla + Pavol: 5 shifts as below.
2) Juan Romero wants QA for 1 week, beginning May 02.
3) Sevil Salur wants QA for 1 week, beginning Mar 07.
4) Richard Witt wants QA for 1 week, beginning Mar 21.
5) Lanny Ray, as always, is pre-assigned the first QA shift.
6) Jan Rusnak wants QA for 1 week, beginning Apr 04.
7) FIAS wants pre-assigned shifts like last year:
Day, beginning Apr 4: Belousov, 2 weeks of shift crew;
Evening, beginning Apr 4: Pugash, 2 weeks of shift crew;
Day, beginning Apr 4: Vassiliev, 1 week DO trainee + 1 week DO;
Evening, beginning Apr 4: Zyzak, 1 week DO trainee + 1 week DO