Account re-activation


The instructions here are for users who have an account at the RCF but have unfortunately let their BNL appointment expire or do not know how to access their (old) account.

Account expired or is disabled

First of all, please be sure you understand the requirements and rationals explained in Getting a computer account in STAR.
As soon as your appointment with BNL ends or expires, all access to BNL computing resources are closed / suspended and before re-establishing it, you MUST renew your appointment first. In such case, we will not provide you with any access which may include access to Drupal (personal account) and mailing lists.

The simplest way to proceed is to

  • Check that you do have GE-CYBERSEC training. You can do this by checking your training records.
    • If you do not, please take this training NOW as any future request will be denied until this training is complete
  • Send an Email to requesting re-activation of your account. Specify the account name (Unix account name, not your name) if you remember it. If you don't your full name may do. The RCF team will check your status (Cyber training, appointment status) and
    • if any is not valid, you will be notified and further actions will be needed.
    • If all is fine, they will re-activate your account after verifying with us that you are a valid STAR user. Please consult Getting a computer account in STAR for what this means ...

If your appointment has expired, you will need to renew it. Please, follow the instructions available here.

Chicken and Egg issue? Forgot your password but did not upload SSH keys

If your account is valid, so is your appointment  but you have not logged in the facility for a while and hence, are unable to upload your SSH keys (as described in SSH Keys and login to the SDCC and related documents) this may be for you.

You cannot access the upload page unless you have a valid password as the access to the RCF requires a double authentication scheme (Kerberos password + SSH key). In case you have forgotten your password, you have first to send an Email to the RCF at asking to reset your password, then thereafter go to the SSH key upload interface and proceed.