Drupal access


This page describes how you can obtain the access to the STAR drupal pages. Please understand that your Drupal access is now tight to a valid SDCC login - no SDCC account, no access to Drupal. This is because we integrated Drupal login to the common infrastructure (the login is Kerberos based). Here are the steps to gain access then:

  1. Get a computer account in STAR, make sure you have a valid guest appointment and valid cyber training, then request a RCF account  


  2. Generate SSH keys and upload them to the SDCC - this has formally little to do with access to Drupal but will allow you to log to the facility and verify you know your Kerberos password (it should have been sent to you via EMail during the account creating with instructions on how to change it)
    Now Log in to RCF node- again, this is to ensure you have the proper

    1. ssh xxx@ssh.rhic.bnl.gov    (xxx is your username on RCF, enter the passphrase for your SSH key)
    2. kinit (enter your SDCC kerberos password - this is the one you will use for accessing Drupal)
  3. Download 2-Factor Authentication app to your mobile device (application ranges from Google or Microsoft Authenticator, Duo Mobile, Authy, FreeOTP, Aegis, ...)
  4. The FIRST time you log to Drupal, you will actually NOT need a second factor (leave the "code" box blank) but MUST generate it right away (the second login will require it).
    1. To generate it, use the "(re)Create 2FA login" in the left hand-side menu, leave all default option (you need a time based OTP), import the QRCode displayed.
    2. Once imported, a 6 Digits code should appear in your app - this is he "code" you will need to enter in future in the third field named "code". Note the code changes every 30 seconds.
  5. IF you have logged out  without generating a QRCode or forgot to import and have no "code", then you will need to contact Dmitry Arkhipkin or Jerome Lauret on MatterMost to obtain your 2FA QR-code (both can generate it for you after the fact). SDCC chat is available at https://chat.sdcc.bnl.gov. Use "BNL Login" and your SDCC account user/Kerberos password to login. Do as discussed above (import the QRCode, make sure an entry appears, test your login right away, ...)
  6. You are set. Drupal login will now ask for your SDCC username and Kerberos password and a 6-digit code you read from the 2-Factor Authentication app.