CERN libraries


The STAR simulation framework will require the CERN libraries to be installed. This will likely be the most problematic portion of the STAR software installation as there is little support for the CERNLib nowadays (so, you must rely on existing supported versions).

  • Information about the CERN libraries can be found here with the appropriate download area.
    If you do not find a version of the CERNlib for your platform, well ... you are out of luck.
    If you have the same OS as BNL and do not want to spend to much time, copy from BNL and move on.
  • If you experience problems with the 64 bit versions and this was not copied from BNL, consider one of the following:
    • 64bit CERN libs showed to work at first were taken from DESY colleagues from this link.
    • CERNLib are also available in rpm format for Fedora EL4/EL5 (SL4/SL5). See this link for more information.

Note however that (for example) a generic Linux distribution or an older Linux version based distribution may work for respectively a different flavor of Linux or a more recent of Linux.