Post installation


Soft-links for compatibility

In /opt/star (or equivalent), $STAR and $ROOT/$ROOT_LEVEL, run the script $STAR/mgr/CreateLinks. This will create a few compatibility links to support additional (tested and proven to work) OS / sysname version.


The list below is not exhaustive. Note that most does not need to be done and we separate the action items in two categories

To be checked or modify

  • Consult the script site_pre_setup.csh and site_post_setup.csh . ANY site specific envrionment variables (such as STAR_ROOT, OPTSTAR and so on) can be set there. See the Setting up your computing environment used in STAR for more information on defaults (you should have read it before reaching this section though ;-)  ).
  • Please, modify your local template login files ${GROUP_DIR}/templates/ files and make sure the GROUP_DIR directory is properly reflected. Note that ANY other variables set for your site should be set in site_pre_setup.csh

Optional - for large site and Tier centers wanting network independence.

  • Database connection setup - a local database setup could be used and is expected to be located in ${STAR_PATH}/conf/dbLoadBalancerLocalConfig_${SITE}.xml . Modify this file (based on existing template) to point to the local database service.
    To setup a local database service, consult You do not have access to view this node for getting a local database service going.
    Note: Attention, if you run on the Cloud, those instructions may be useful (a service can be created per VM)
  • Setting up SUMS - only for site intending to submit jobs locally
    SUMS will need a local batch system and a local config (ask the scheduler Hypernews).
    We support LSF, PBS, Condor and SGE.
  • FileCatalog - not needed unless you are a Tier1 center, holder of files in our distributed data management system.
    A copy of the FileCatalog can be set to the local site and/or a multi-master setup can be done.
    To first order, your local FileCatalog replica would minimally allow querrying the FC without the load we see at BNL (but is not that useful). A multi-master would allow full implementation of our data-management system and scheme including file transfer between sites and multi-site transfers.
    But for the API to know about the local setup, you need to modify the unique local configuration file $STAR_PATH/conf/Catalog.xml and add your configuration in. The key is SITE name="XXXX" (add a new block for your site and please, pass on the information back to the Catalog maintainer). Make sute this value matches the value of $SITE set in group_env.csh .
  • [*** data management / multi-site transfer instructions needed ***]