Unix command location

This is a quick reference of unix program's path locations.

Program Path Comment
awk /bin/awk MAC has it in /usr/bin
basename /bin/basename MAC has it in /usr/bin
cat /bin/cat  
cp /bin/cp  
cut /usr/bin/cut  
crontab /usr/bin/crontab  
df /bin/df  
date /bin/date  
domainname /bin/domainname  
find /usr/bin/find  
grep /bin/grep On Solaris, /usr/xpg4/bin/grep allows for extended pattern while the default do not (for example, -E only with xpg4)
MAC has it in /usr/bin
hostname /bin/hostname  
id /usr/bin/id (checked only on Solaris & Linux)
mkdir /bin/mkdir  
mkfifo /usr/bin/mkfifo  
netstat /bin/netstat
nm   This program do not have a standard location
ps /bin/ps  
pwd /bin/pwd  
rm /bin/rm  
sed /bin/sed MAC has it in /usr/bin
sort /bin/sort  
tail /usr/bin/tail  
test /usr/bin/test On MAC, it is /bin/test but on Linux, there are NO such file
uname /bin/uname MAC has it in /usr/bin
uniq /usr/bin/uniq  
touch /bin/touch  
uptime /usr/bin/uptime  
vmstat /usr/bin/vmstat  
wc /usr/bin/wc  
xargs /usr/bin/xargs