2009.05.06 Applying cuts on LDA: request minimum purity or efficiency

Cut optimization with Fisher's LDA classifier

For this post LDA input parameters Set4 has been used

LDA for various pre-shower bins is trained independetly,
and later results with pre-shower1<0.01 are combined.

There are a set of plots for various photon pt cuts (pt> 7, 8, 9 10 GeV)
and with different selection of cutoff for LDA
(either based on purity or efficiency).
Number in brackets shows the total yield for the sample.

Link to all plots (16 total) as a single pdf file

pt > 7GeV

Figure 1: pt > 7GeV, efficiency@70

Figure 2: pt > 7GeV, purity@35


Figure 3: pt > 7GeV, purity@40


Figure 4: pt > 7GeV, purity@25 (Note: very similar to results with efficiency@70)


pt > 9GeV

Figure 5: pt > 9GeV, efficiency@70


Figure 6: pt > 9GeV, purity@35


pt > 10GeV

Figure 7: pt > 10GeV, efficiency@70


Figure 8: pt > 10GeV, purity@40