Neutral strange particle transverse asymmetries (tpb)


Neutral strange particle transverse asymmetry analysis

Here is information regarding my analysis of transverse asymmetries in neutral strange particles using 2006 p + p TPC data. This follows-on from and expands upon the earlier analysis I did, which can still be found at Comments, questions, things-you'd-like-to-see-done and so forth are welcomed. I'll catalogue updates in my blog as I make them.

The links listed below are in 'analysis-order'; best to use these for navigation rather than the alphabetically listed links Drupal links below/in the sidebar.

  1. Data used
  2. V0 decays
  3. Energy loss particle identification
  4. Geometrical cuts
  5. Single spin asymmetry with cross formula
  6. SSA using relative luminosity
  7. Double spin asymmetry

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