Run 9

Collect documentation on run 9 here.


  • at 500 GeV  10pb^-1 at 50% pol.  FOM=P^2L=2.5pb^-1  End of run summary
  • at 200 GeV  50pb^-1 at 60% pol.  FOM=P^4l=6.5pb^-1   Track progress from Jamie here or online page

Statement of priorities for run

CAD projections for run 9

BTOW calibration thread and pages

 Early polarimeter commisioning see links in March 5 pwg meeting.

Link to magnet cooldown.

JP threshold ADC->GeV and initial guesses link

500 GeV  trigger list

500 GeV run ends ~noon on Monday April 13 2009.  FOM collected 1.4pb-1 vs 2.5pb-1 goal (email).

First overnights at 200 GeV April 18 and 19.

Report on run to convenors 4/21/09

 5/27/09 STAR magnet field reversed from direction previously.

 Phil Pile planning meeting postings

Jamies trigger summary