Beam Use Request 2009


A collection of documents and guidance for the team writing five-year the Beam Use Request (BUR) begining Run 9.


Initial plan and guidance in an email from Nu (March 12). Attached was the final version of the previous BUR submitted in March 2007.

Further guidance from ALD Steve Vigdor in email forwarded by Nu (March 15). Attached documents with collider projections and 5 year strawman (image).


PWG input

Physics working group specific documents

E-by-E - email from Aihong

E-struct - email from Lanny


Heavy Flavour -

Hight-pt -

Spectra - email from Olga with summary and hypernews discussion.

Spin -

Strangeness - document[doc pdf] submitted end of January (needs updating).

UPC - Documents for heavy-ion (tex source) and pp2pp programmes.