Main Page for Blinding Analysis Details for the Run 18 Isobar data

Link to Blinding analysis recommendations from the ABC

Link to live list of collaborators with access to raw data prior to unblinding

List of Registered Blind Analysis Analyzers:

Name Institute Analysis Main PWG Date added
Prithwish Tribedy,  Paul Sorensen BNL qcumulants  BulkCorr 2018-02-09
Sergei Voloshina, Takafumi Niida
Wayne State CME (gamma, including ZDC plane vs PP);

Lambda Polarization
BulkCorr 2018-02-09
Gang Wang, Liwen Wen, Maria Sergeeva, Brian Chan UCLA
gamma correlators
BulkCorr 2018-02-09
Niseem Magdy,
Roy Lacey
Stony Brook R(deltaS) BulkCorr 2018-02-09
Fuqiang Wang, Jie Zhao, Terrence Edmonds, Yicheng Feng, Haichuan Cao            
Purdue RP-ZDC vs. PP;
invariant mass;
 e-by-e and ESE
BulkCorr 2018-02-09
Wanbing He Fudan CME/CVE BulkCorr 2018-03-12
Prashanth Shanmuganathan Lehigh  V1 BulkCorr 2018-03-12