Results and data


Preliminary Results Procedure

  1. You should create a drupal web page where you can post the following items:
    • Your money plot(s) in png, pdf, and eps formats
    • A summary of what is included in your preliminary analysis (see step 2 for more details)
    • Numerical table listing the values in your money plot(s).
  2.  A summary of your analysis should also be included. This does not need to be a long document. It should however include the data run list,  cuts,  systematics, how the systematics were calculated, and which MC embedding set  you have used. Additionally you should list which systematics were not used in the preliminary results, but will be needed in the final results.   
  3. Your analysis code should be checked into cvs. We will be working on obtaining a dedicated and common archive space to check codes for preliminary results into (Location TBD). 

Preliminary plots

Polarization   Energy Year Observable Plots Note Released
longitudinal   510 GeV 2012 A_LL of jets zchang   RAUM 2017
longitudinal   510 GeV 2012 A_LL of dijets rfatemi   DIS 2016
longitudinal   510 GeV 2013 A_LL of jets aquinter   RAUM 2017
longitudinal   510 GeV 2013 A_LL of dijets dolv719 note RAUM 2017
longitudinal   510 GeV 2013 A_L of W-bosons amani   Spin 2016 / APS 2017
longitudinal   510 GeV 2015 A_LL of jets Maria note  
transverse   500 GeV 2011 TSSA of pions and jets mriganka   APS 2015
transverse   200 GeV 2012 Asymmetries of pions in jets jkadkins   Spin 2014
transverse   200 GeV 2015 TSSA of pions in p+p and p+Au heppel   MPI 2015
transverse   200 GeV   2012+15 Dijet Sivers Analysis  Huanzhao  note  Approval Pending
transverse   200 GeV 2015 Collins Analysis ting note  
unpolarized   510 GeV 2011-13 W-boson cross section ratio  posik   RAUM 2018
unpolarized   510 GeV 2011-13 Z-boson pT cross section (boson kinematics)  Sal   --

Submitted for publication:

  • Longitudinal Double-Spin Asymmetries for Dijet Production at Intermediate Pseudorapidity in Polarized pp Collisions at √s = 200 GeV. arxiv:1805.09742
  • Longitudinal Double-Spin Asymmetries for π0s in the Forward Direction for 510 GeV Polarized pp Collisions. arxiv:1805.09745