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How useful do you think EVO is for our community and Video Tele Conferencing?

Extremely important, cannot imagine our community without it
36% (10 votes)
Important, I use it often and rely on it to join/organize meetings frequently
64% (18 votes)
Somewhat important, I use it sometimes but also use other tools
0% (0 votes)
Not that important, I use other tools or phone bridge for our STAR use
0% (0 votes)
Not important at all, the tool is bad and I don't understand why we use it in STAR
0% (0 votes)
I have no opinion
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Total votes: 28

Software and Computing Meeting

2012-10-10 12:00
2012-10-10 13:00
America/New York
Wednesday, 10 October 2012
1-189, EVO, at 16:00 (GMT), duration : 01:00
12:00Run 12 production status ( 00:15 ) 0 filesLidia Didenko (BNL)
12:15Embedding news, status and changes ( 00:15 ) 1 fileTerry Tarnowsky
12:30PnP event generator framework, status ( 00:15 ) 1 fileJason Webb (BNL)
12:45Calibration updates, TPC status and issues ( 00:15 ) 2 filesGrant Webb (UKY)

Distortions in pp510 present and future

The first plot is the actual reconstructed positions of hits using padrow 1 from three neighboring sectors (11,12,1) in y vs. x [cm].

Software and Computing Meeting

2012-09-26 12:00
2012-09-26 13:00
America/New York
Wednesday, 26 September 2012
1-189, EVO, at 16:00 (GMT), duration : 01:00
12:00dE/dx calibration in U+U ( 00:20 ) 1 fileRihan Haque (VECC)
12:20Run 10 data quality, issue or ... ( 00:20 ) 1 fileKolja Kauder (UIC)
12:40Update on Comparison of PPV and KFV efficiencies with TMVA ranking scheme ( 00:20 ) 1 fileAmilkar Quintero (KSU)

TPC charge distribution fit to power law

For many years, we have used the following distribution to model space charge in the TPC, taken from StRoot/StDbUtilities/StMagUtilities.cxx:


 Cuts used:

FGT Event Display screenshots

 Status Update:  The FGT geometry and pedistal values are now being read from the common database.  Everything still works just fine.

Enhanced Logger Infrastructure

Enhanced Logger Infrastructure

Use-Case Diagram

First attempt at using BBC for UU SC&GL

Trying to avoid using the ZDCs, Alán found an alternative SC&GL calibrati

Software and Computing Meeting

2012-09-05 12:00
2012-09-05 13:00
America/New York
Wednesday, 5 September 2012
1-189, EVO, at 16:00 (GMT), duration : 01:00
12:00Update on problems with pp 510 SC and GL Calibrations ( 00:20 ) 1 fileAlan Davila (UTA)
12:20Calibration readiness, Year 9 / 12 and beyond ( 00:20 ) 1 fileGrant Webb (UKY)
12:40AOB ( 00:20 ) 0 filesAll (All)

Run 12 issue with ZDC scalers during UU193

 The TPC SpaceCharge & GridLeak calibration which was done for the P12ic preview physics production of

Run 11 AuAu200 BeamLine vs. luminosity

After looking at BeamLine vs.

Software and Computing Meeting

2012-08-22 12:00
2012-08-22 13:00
America/New York
Wednesday, 22 August 2012
1-189, EVO, at 16:00 (GMT), duration : 01:00
12:00Progress with Stv ( 00:15 ) 1 fileVictor Perevoztchikov (BNL)
12:15HFT/CA effort, a first look ( 00:20 ) 1 fileIgor Kulakov (GSI)
12:35AOB ( 00:20 ) 0 filesAll (All)

Concerns for Run 12 pp510 SpaceCharge & GridLeak

Observations (by me unless otherwise noted):

A look at residuals in Run 12 pp510

Residuals of global tracks vs.

A look at recent sDCA vs. phi

 I took a look at recent sDCA distributions for good tracks (used in the SpaceCharge calibrations) vs. phi.

FGT Event Display Progress Report

Attached is an early view of the FGT event display.  This is showing every 10th strip.

They should all be in the proper location within the detector.

Run 12 pp510 Beamline 3D vs. 2x2D

Non-root access to MySQL DB nodes

As outlined in Non-user access in our enclaves and beyond, and specifically "Check on all nodes the existence of a mysql account.