BEMC Online Trigger Monitoring


During data taking the BEMC trigger information is monitored, and changes in the configuration (new pedestals, masks, etc.) are recorded.  The code relevant to this online trigger monitoring was developed by Oleksandr, and is checked into CVS here (usage instructions in the README file).  The scripts execute via a cronjob on the online machines on the starp network.  In particular, there exists directories with results from previous years at /ldaphome/onlmon/bemctrgdb20XX/ on

The final location for this information is in the offline DB, and the definitions for the tables are given here.  These DB tables are used by the StBemcTriggerSimu in the StTriggerUtilities package to replicate the BEMC trigger conditions for a particular timestamp. 

The DB tables can be uploaded while taking data or stored in ROOT files to be uploaded after data taking is complete.  To upload all the tables stored in ROOT files during data taking only a simple script is needed employing StBemcTablesWriter to read in a list of files and upload their information to the DB.  This script (uploadToDB.C) is checked into the macros directory of in CVS here.