Yearly Timestamp Initialization


Yearly Timestamp Initialization

This page will document the yearly timestamp initialization requested by the S&C group (Run 12 for example).  The purpose is to set initial DB tables for "sim" and "ofl" flavor in sync with the geometry timeline for each year.  The geometry timeline is documented here.


The timestamps chosen for BEMC initialization are in the table below

  Simulation Real Data
Run 10 2009-12-12 2009-12-25
Run 11 2010-12-10 2010-12-20
Run 12 2011-12-10 2011-12-20


The "sim" tables used for initialization are ideal gains, pedestals and status tables.

The "ofl" tables used for initialization are the best known gains from previous years, and a reasonable se of pedestals and status tables from a previous year.  Obviously they will be updated once the run begins and better known values are available.


To simplify the initialization process from year to year, a macro (attached below) was written which copies DB tables from previous years to the current initialization timestamp.