Display Macro


A Small cluster finder viewer was written for the BEMC detector. In order to run it, use the macro:


This macro loops over events in the muDST files, runs the BEMC cluster finder and creates an event by event display of the hits and clusters in the detector. This is an important tool for cluster QA because you can test the cluster parameters and check the results online. It also has a method to do statistical cluster QA over many events.

The commands available are:

setHitThreshold(Int_t det, Float_t th)

This method defines the energy threshold for displaying a detector HIT in the display. The default value in the code is 0.2 GeV. Values should de entered in GeV.  The parameters are:

  • Int_t det = detector name. (BTOW = 1, BPRS = 2, BSMDE = 3 and BSMDP = 4)
  • Int_t th = hit energy threshold in GeV. 


This method displays the next event in the queue.

qa(Int_t nevents)

This method loops over many events in order to fill some clusters QA histograms. The user needs to open a TBrowser n order to access the histograms.  The parameters are:

  • Int_t nevents = number of events to be processed in QA 


Displays a small help in the screen.