StFtpcTrackMaker - FTPC Conformal Mapping Tracker

The StFtpcTrackMaker replaces St_fpt_Maker in the FTPC reconstruction chain.


StFtpcTrackMaker uses the clusters from StFtpcClusterMaker to reconstruct the tracks in the FTPC using conformal mapping. A list of all the "found" hits along with the number actually found and the maximum number of hits possible are saved for each track.

Then these "found" hits are fit using a 2x2-D track fitter. The impact parameter at the pre-vertex is calculated. All tracks with an impact parameter less than max_Dca are flagged as primary track candidates whose vertex is the pre-vertex. The momentum fit results for the unconstrained fit are saved in the track table.


  • Software documentation
  • FTPC Tracking Algorithms
  • Efficiency and contamination plots
  • Contamination study
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     14553 Geant hits (about 1000 tracks per Ftpc) after being tracked with the new Conformal Mapping Algorithm.

    Markus Oldenburg


    Last modified: Apr 20 2005