c) L2etowGammaAlgo (endcap gamma algorithm)


This algorithm searches for localized energy distributions in the endcap calorimeter, and will not run if the ETOW is not in the run.

This algorithm reads in 2 ints and 3 floats from run control:

[i0] debug

[i1] Random Accept Prescale

[f0] Et threshold for seed

[f1] Et threshold for cluster

[f2] Et threshold for event


The logic used is similar to L2btowGamma, but etowGamma saves more information about each event.  All possible clusters per event are made (save for those that overlap other clusters) and added to a list if clusterEt>f1.  If at least one cluster has clusterEt>f2, the event is accepted.

The Random Accept Prescale value sets the prescale for random accept, described elsewhere.

If debug>0 debug messages are printed.


The mapping is defined thusly

>> tow = EtowGeom::mxEtaBin *phi + eta;

tow = 0    ==>    01TA01
tow = 1    ==>    01TA02
tow   718  ==>    12TE11
tow = 719  ==>    12TE12

12 consecutive towers are in the same slice in phi.