d) L2hienAlgo (passive barrel and endcap high tower filter)


This algorithm packages tower ADC values and soft IDs for use outside of L2.  It always accepts, and in the current configuration is cannot be attached to a particular trigger, but rather runs for each event.

This algorithm reads in 3 ints, which are hard-coded in algo_handler.c:

[i0] debug=0

[i1] ADC threshold=60

[i2] max L2hienList size=120


The logic used is as follows:

A switch is set in the constructor so that one instance of the L2hienAlgo reads barrel towers and the other endcap towers.

For each calibrated tower, if ADC>i1 it is added to L2hienList (up to i2 towers total).  The barrel version then adds the first (up to) 40 towers (whether above i1 or not) to the L2hienResult, which is written to C2Result in l2new.

If debug>0 debug messages are printed.