g) L2upsilonAlgo (barrel upsilon algorithm)


This algorithm searches for upsilons in the barrel, and will not run if BTOW is not in the run.

This algorithm reads in 1 int from run control:

[i0] setup version, which controls which of ~developer/emc_setup/algoUpsilon2009.setup* is used to set the parameters for the algorithm

This algorithm reads in 4 ints and 9 floats from the selected file:

[i0] prescale

[i1] Whether to mask hot towers dynamically

[i2] how many events to take between updates to the dynamic mask

[i3] Random Accept Prescale

[f0] fL0SeedThreshold

[f1] fL2SeedThreshold

[f2] fMinL0ClusterEnergy

[f3] fMinL2ClusterEnergy

[f4] fMinInvMass

[f5] fMaxInvMass

[f6] fMaxCosTheta

[f7] fHotTowerTheshold

[f8] fThresholdRatioOfHotTower


The logic is fairly complex.  Haidong Liu is the maintainer of the upsilon code, so questions should be directed to him.

The Random Accept Prescale value sets the prescale for random accept, described elsewhere.