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eSTAR Task Force:


In order to prepare the experiment to complement the ongoing physics programs
related to AA, pA and pp collisions with a strong ep and eA program by an
additional electron beam and prepare the collaboration to participate in the US
Nuclear Physics Long Range Planning exercises during 2012-2013, we establish
the eSTAR Task Force.
This task force will be in function during the next three years. The main charges
for the task force are:
(1) Identify important physics measurements and assess their science impact during
the eSTAR era (2017-2020). Prepare a white paper or an updated decadal plan
including physics sensitivities and detailed R&D projects.
(2) With (1) in mind as well as the eRHIC interaction region design(s) and other
constraints, identify and advise STAR Management on priorities for detector R&D
projects within the collaboration.
(3) Engage the collaboration by organizing special ep/eA workshops, document the
progress and report annually to the collaboration.
(4) Work with the STAR management and the EIC task force (setup by the BNL
management) to strengthen the physics case(s) for eSTAR and a future EIC.


Detector R&D:

Forward Spaghetti Calorimeter (FSC)(April, 2011)

Forward TOF/TRD (ETTIE) (November, 2011)

BBC Polarimetry (ANL) (November 2011)

Crystal BSO Calorimeter (USTC)(November 2011)

TPC Endcap Material pictures vs gSTAR

All EIC R&D Proposals (November, 2011)

EIC R&D Committee Report (12/23/2011)

Call for EIC Detector R&D

First-stage eRHIC Kinematics

EIC Event Generators

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