STAR Future & Upgrade

  1. Post-shower proposal and review report  May 2016
  2. The RHIC Cold QCD Plan from 2017 to 2023: A portal to the EIC - Jan. 2016
    draft: December 2015
  3. Endcap TOF proposal-Jan. 2016
    draft: Jan. 14, 2016
  4. Event-Plane Proposal-May. 2016
  5. SN0648 - January, 2016, STAR Forward Calorimeter and Forward Tracking Systems beyond BES-II (a case study)
  6. SN0644 - Nov. 29, 2016, Technical Design Report for the iTPC Upgrade
  7. SN0640-Oct. 19, 2015, Physics Opportunities with STAR in 2020+
  8. SN0639-Oct. 15, 2015, Letter of Interest: CBM TOF as STAR Endcap TOF for BES-II at RHIC
  9. SN0625-May. 19, 2015, RHIC Beam Use Request for runs 16 and 17
  10. SN0619-Feb. 18, 2015, A Proposal for STAR Inner TPC Sector Upgrade (iTPC)
  11. SN0617-Jan. 19, 2015, a case for run16 pp510 (supplementary material)
  12. e-Print: arXiv:1502.02730,
    Hot QCD White Paper: Exploring the Phases of QCD at RHIC and the LHC
  13. e-PrintarXiv:1501.06477,
    the properties of the phases of QCD matter - research opportunities and priorities for the next decade
  14. SN0606-Jun. 2, 2014, STAR Beam Use Request (BUR) for run-15 and run-16
  15. SN0605-Jun. 1, 2014, A polarized p+p and p+A program for the next years
  16. SN0598-Mar. 28, 2014, Studying the Phase Diagram of QCD Matter at RHIC
  17. SN0592-Oct. 1, 2013,  eSTARLetter of Intent
  18. 2014 Computing plan
  19. SN0588-Aug. 21, 2013, EsNETHEP/NP Science Network Requirements 2013
  20. STAR Decadal Plan, December 2010, 

STAR  Collaboration:
decadal plan,
eSTAR Letter of Intent,
Beam Energy Scan Whitepaper,
A Polarized p+p and p+A program in the coming years 

2015 Long Range Plan:

The charge letter can be found at the URL:

Hot QCD Town Meeting Summary:  

Town Meetings:
3. QCD:Hadron + Heavy Ion to meet together
QCD Heavy Ion Conveners: Paul Sorensen (Brookhaven National Laboratory) and Ulrich Heinz (Ohio State University)
QCD Hadron Conveners: Haiyan Gao (Duke University) and Craig Roberts (Argonne National Laboratory)
Meetings of interest:
EIC Users group meeting at Stonybrook, June 27-29, 2014
Users meeting of JLAB: at JLAB on June 1,2, 2014
Users meeting of RHIC: at BNL on June 17-20, 2014
High Performance Computing (Computation in Nuclear Physics), Washington DC, July 14-15, 2014


Past and current upgrade proposals (2005 - 2010) are given in the proposal page (updated Feb 14, 2010)

The RHIC Mid-Term Strategic Plan Status as of February 2008 by Tom Ludlam


Summary Report of Workshop on Physics in the DAQ1000 Era (internal, August 16-17 2007)

RHIC II Science Cases (RHIC Future, December 2006)

STAR Decadal Plan (internal - September 2003)

Final Report from the Detector Upgrades Review, March 2006

Highlights of STAR Mid-Term Upgrades (2007)

Working Group HyperNews/Mailing List (internal)

STAR Upgrade Workshop at UCLA (December 15-16, 2011)

STAR Upgrade Workshop at BNL (June 11-12, 2012)

STAR R&D and upgrades for 2012 

Workshop Summary