eSTAR LoI Draft


eSTAR LoI v31 a few clean-up, 10/05/2013

eSTAR LoI v30 with improved figure quality compared to v28, 09/30/2013

v28, for submission 09/29/2013

v23, implement comments from Collaboration, ALD and PHENIX
, 09/26/2013

v17, to the collaboration, 09/16/2013

zip file for all figures used in eSTAR LoI 09/24/2013

v14 to the eSTAR LoI committee -- 09/15/2013

Executive summary - initial draft dated 09/13/2013

Latest verion in 09/09/2013, eSTAR-LoI_v9 - comments sought and welcome, preferrably by 09/12/2013


Second draft dated: 08/26/2013 9AM

First draft dated: 08/25/2013 9PM

high resolution version: