The page contains the documents for proposal, new, those upgrades in progress and the past proposal for upgrades that has been implemented. Review committees for the new proposals (Fall 2009) has been established. The charge and process for assessing and prioritizing these are given in the attached file.

Ongoing upgrades

eSTAR LoI and details at its bookpage

an Upgrade to the Inner Sectors of STAR Time Projection Chamber

HFT+ (an upgrade to HFT in 2020)

Forward Upgrade (Forward Calorimeter System and Forward Tracking System)

Heavy Flavor tracker


Heavy Flavor Tracker - June 8, 2006 
Heavy Flavor Tracker - October 10, 2007 

HFT CD-0 Review Report

   January 9, 2009: Letter to BNL; Report: Final versionExcerpts

 Conceptual Design Report, Nov 11, 2009

Future material will be posted on the child page HFT project



Forward Gem Tracker (FGT)

Forward GEM Tracker- December 29, 2007(MIT link)   local link



Quarterly report Q1Fy11


New Proposals


High Level Trigger (HLT)

LOI  2009 -- committee report (4/6/2009)

 Proposal October 2009

Final report from on proposal, February 2010


Muon Telescope Detector (MTD)

    Proposal  October 2009

    Report from Commitee received Jan 21, 2010 

    Revised Proposal February 10, 2010 submitted to BNL management. 

    A BNL lead review with DOE participation was held on September 17 2010. The talks are available at . The final report from the commitee was received October 23 2010.

Forward Hadron Calorimeter (FHC)

          HCAL East Proposal (July 28 2016)
          HCAL_proposal_140510.pdf (May 19, 2014)  

Forward Hadronic Calorimeter- November 15, 2008

Forward Hadron Calorimeter revised proposal- October, 2009

The document above is a combined, memo, old proposal, review report and upgrade to the original proposal including comments to review report question.

Report from the review committee received December 03, 2009


Phase II of physics with tagged forward protons

 Glueball Search and Diffractive Physics with the STAR Detector at RHIC - proposal, November 2009

 Final Report February 2010 

Revised proposal submitted to BNL August 5, 2010



Older proposal

upgrades that have now been completed. Kept for historical reference.

Time of Flight - May 24, 2004

Forward Meson Spectrometer - Jan., 13, 2005

DAQ 1000 - March 22, 2005

Tagged Forward Protons - July 12, 2005