STAR Heavy Ion Task Force 2010

Charge to the STAR Heavy Ion Task Force

In response to the call for a new decadal plan from the BNL management, we are forming a Heavy Ion task force in STAR. This is an effort in parallel to two others in the collaboration: The Spin task force and Upgrade Program chaired by Bernd Surrow and Flemming Videbaek, respectively.

The members of the Heavy Ion task force are X. Dong, J. Dunlop* (chair), Y. Gorbunov, D. Keane, L. Ruan, M. Lisa, B. Mohanty*, J. Putschke, P. Sorensen, N. Xu* and Z.B. Xu and the charges are:
(1) Review current experimental and physics status at RHIC;
(2) Combine the information from RHIC mid-term plan, machine performance and experimental upgrades, prepare a HI program for the STAR for the next 3-, 5-, and 10- years.  The final report should be send to the STAR management in April, 2010. The outputs of the task force will be used for future BURs and RHIC decadal plan.