MC production for the di-jet cross section measurements in pp collisions at 200 GeV



Originally, the MC samples generated for the inclusive jet analyses were used for the di-jet analyses. However it turns out that these samples were not sufficient for the di-jet analyses especially for unfolding the cross sections for the 2005 di-jets. To generate sufficient MC samples with available computing resources, MC generations were designed to generate events only in the region of the phase space where the di-jet events in the STAR acceptance come from.

Original MC sample

These are the distributions of pseudorapidity and scattering angle for the original MC samples. The left plots of each image is for all the generated events and the right plots are for the dijet events.

Significant portion of the dijet events come from only the regions inside the red boxes.

New MC sample

The new MC samples were generated only in those regions of the phase space from which most dijet events come.