2009.11.03 Jason EEMC geometry: Effect of ELED block change

Monte-Carlo setup:

  • One photon per event
  • Disabled SMD layers (EXPS EBLS EFLS) in Jason geometry
  • Alter the ELED block (lead absorber plate) in Jason geometry file
  • Full STAR geometry configurations with and without LOW_EM option
    (using Victor's geometry fix)
  • Throw particles flat in eta (1.08, 2.0), phi (0, 2pi), and pt (6-10 GeV)
  • Using A2Emaker to get reconstructed Tower/SMD energy
    (no EEMC SlowSimulator in chain)
  • Vertex z=0
  • ~50K/per particle type
  • Non-zero energy: 3 sigma above pedestal

Figure 1: Sampling fraction (total energy in EEMC)

  • Solid symbols and lines present results with LOW_EM option
    Note: the black are the same in left and right plots
  • Open/dashed symbols and lines - results without LOW_EM option
  • Upper plots - distribution of the sampling fcation
  • Lower plots - Sampling fcation vs. thrown photon energy
  1. Left plots: CVS geometry vs. Jason with removed extra SMD layers.
    ELED block is the same in all 4 cases, and is taken from CVS file.
    in red: CVS geometry, in black - Jason geometry
  2. Right plots:
    Jason with new ELED block (in red) vs. Jason with ELED block from CVS (in black)
    Extra SMD layers are removed in all 4 cases

Figure 2: Sampling fraction (total energy in EEMC)
black: same black as in Fig. 1, upper plots
red: EEMC geometry with Material PbAlloy isvol=0
(modification suggested by Jason in this post)