2009.11.19 LOW_EM and EEMC time/event in starsim

Monte-Carlo setup:

  • Throwing one photon/electron per event
  • y2009 geometry tag (EEMC geometry v6.1)
  • Full STAR geometry configurations with and without LOW_EM option
  • Throwing particles flat in eta (1.08, 2.0), phi (0, 2pi), and energy (5-35 GeV)
  • ~50K/per particle type, 250 events per job, 200 jobs

Geometry configurations

  1. red: without LOW_EM option
  2. black: with LOW_EM option
  3. circles - electrons, squares - photons

Figure 1: (left) time/event distribution, (right) average time for the particle type

Conclusion: for single particle Monte-Carlo required time in starsim
with LOW_EM option is ~ 2.6 times higher.