2010.09.08 First look at the official EEMC gamma filtered production

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Event selection

  1. Official EEMC gamma filtered Monte-Carlo with Pro-pT0 tune
  2. di-jets from the cone jet-finder algorithm
  3. photon and jet are opposite in phi:
       cos (phi_gamma-phi_jet) < -0.8
  4. pt away side jet > 5GeV
  5. detector eta of the away side jet: |eta_jet_det| < 0.8
  6. data : L2e-gamma triggered events
  7. Monte-Carlo: emulated L2e-gamma triggered condition
  8. MC scaled to 3.164^pb based on Pythia luminosity (no fudge factors)

Figure 1: Reconstructed photon candidate pt (L2e-gamma condition simulated in Monte-Carlo)

Figure 2: Partonic pt

Figure 3: Thrown photon pt (from Geant record, prompt photon sample only)